In simple terms ‘Perception‘ means once point of view. To explain in detail, we have to respect others point of view because it may be correct according to them or in their point of view. I think the problem lead when we think the other person is wrong, were actually we do not know whether they are right or wrong we assume or predict things its wrong were our assumption is the problem. To make it easy , it can be explained with an example there will be two best friends so they plan to give $500 bucks each to help a poor person , so one takes the initiative to give money in 2 days. After 2 days the other friend do not give any money . The person who took initiative feels bad and thinks he can spend money for unnecessary things but cant spend little money for a poor person. He does not speak to him for few days . Then the other friend asks the friend who gave money to the poor that why he is not speaking to him then the other person tells , you spend money for other things but could not give money for the poor person who was in need. The other friend tells as my mom was sick I did not have any other money. Then the other friend realised that both perspective or point of view was same to HELP but thought differently .

Like this many examples you will face in your daily life its us who ignore it and blame others. We have to overcome these which will lead to good work place and a peaceful environment. So I quoted that “RESPECT THE PERCEPTION OF PEOPLE” because we should know the reason then only we can come to a conclusion, cause the other person may be correct in his point of view.